About me

People have asked me how I became a Healer.  Looking at my work history, it appears to be a real stretch.  Even 15 years ago, I was firmly entrenched in the world of big business.  I held various jobs at software companies, assuming roles as “database analyst,” “product and project manager,” “business requirements writer” and more.  You get the picture.  I could not have been farther from having a healing practice.

As far as how I got into Reiki and other forms of energy work, I was led to it.  I had health challenges my whole life, and mainstream doctors were quick to say nothing was wrong (as a child), or I’d get a pill (as an adult).  No one ever explained the root cause, which always seemed odd to me.  However, I never really sought alternative treatments for myself. Then, in the late 1990s, I started looking for answers beyond the mainstream for my sister whose cancer had recurred.

Looking back, it’s funny how the treatments I sought for loved ones ended up being the ones I used to truly heal myself; however, I probably would not have sought them out without a loved one’s illness as motivation.  I became a Dowser to heal my son’s migraines and other ASD issues.  I learned Reiki because I heard I could heal people from a distance, and my mom was halfway across the country, debilitated by a massive stroke.  Again, these practices helped me heal myself far more than my intended “targets.”  This process of learning different alternative healing modalities for others put me on my life path of becoming a healer (which is far more fascinating than writing business requirements!)

I am a Reiki Master, and being a Reiki practitioner is fairly “mainstream” these days, which I love.  I am also a Master Dowser and Vibrational Healer (through use of sound, crystals, oils, etc.) These other alternative healing practices are less mainstream, but as or more effective than Reiki alone. Therefore, when a person requests a healing session with me, they will receive the best of all I have to offer; Reiki, Dowsing, Sound, other Vibrational Healing, in combination, completely personalized for their maximum healing potential.

I have two goals: I want to help people heal, and when they are strong enough, I teach them to heal themselves and their loved ones. Each person has an innate ability to be a healer, even if just for themselves.  My work helps my clients tap into these abilities when the time is right.