Maria O’Neil, aka “Spartan” Team TMR, reviews distance healing sessions (March, 2015):

“A healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.” -Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Sara and I met about a year ago while working on the Documenting Hope project.  As two mothers who recovered their sons from today’s medical Autism, we clicked. I want to stress just how much of a divine intervention it was to have us work on that project together. Having Sara in my life as my healer has done amazing things for not only my health and well being, but for my entire family. My husband, a United States Marine, is a believer as well. Sara has worked with us wholeheartedly through some incredibly stressful times and times of illness.

Recently I had a horrific tooth infection, and of course she was there with a healing hand. Within a few days I was asymptomatic and back to myself.  Not only does she bring her expertise, but has additional colleagues who reinforce her technique and complete a perfect healing circle.  I honestly cannot say how grateful my entire family is for her.

In recovering my son from Autism, we have taken many healing approaches, and Sara’s healing work is by far a necessity. Sara also has one of the biggest, empathetic hearts of anyone I have ever known.  I am a tough cookie to wrangle in at times and she always knows what to say, or when to give me a ” Tuning Up” to find my inner balance.  I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to lead a more balanced, emotionally secure lifestyle.  This is especially true for Mothers and Fathers handling extremely stressful situations like we do being a Military family, and what I face during my advocacy and work in the Autism Community.  Sara will be able to educate, implement and teach you about the healing powers of Reiki in the process of treating as well.  Give it a try– it may just end up being an additional healing piece you have needed and were searching for without realizing.


Appeared on Heal Autism Facebook page on January 3, 2015:

Ever wondered about Reiki? My friend and my family’s’ Reiki healer, Sara Vogel, was gracious enough to write a piece on my website explaining explain what Reiki is and how it can be applied.

I HIGHLY recommend using Sara for energy healing for yourself, your child and/or your entire family. She is warm, gracious, talented and she can really help you achieve another level in healing.

She can clear and open up the chakras (energetic energy centers), alleviate physical discomfort, release negative emotional patterns, make your energy channels aka meridians flow smoothly, and give you spiritual guidance if you so choose. She has many tools in her toolbox that can definitely help you on your healing journey.

She is also very reasonably priced and frequently offers family packages because we are all affected by each others’ energies. Our children with Autism are especially sensitive to others’ energies, so if you or someone in your family is stressed out or anxious, chances are your child will likely be affected by that.

For more information on Sara and her wonderful services please visit her website at www.saravogel.com.


Re: Pet Clearing 
Sara does amazing work with animals!  We adopted a 1 year old Australian Shepherd mix from the Shelter.  She was calm, sweet and quiet on the 2 occasions we visited with her at the shelter.  Before we could bring her home they required her to be spayed by their doctor.  We kept her fairly confined during the healing process, and once her stitches were removed we tried introducing her to our 8 year old Brittany.  She became very aggressive with both our older dog and with us.  I was shocked and saddened by this change in behavior.  She was so aggressive that we were considering turning her over to a rescue organization. Sara was able to figure out that she was having a severe reaction to the anesthesia that she had been given.  She cleared her, and she has been a sweet, loving dog ever since.  I cannot thank Sara enough for her work on Artemis Blu, who is now a big part of our family!


Jullie C.
Claremont, CA

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