New! Hospice Healing 

Sometimes family members of the gravely ill notice discomfort beyond the physical in their loved ones. A distance healing session is focused on making peace with the past and reduction of fear, so when the time is right, your loved one can transition comfortably.

There is no wish or push for immediate transition. This session is about love, peace and healing on any level your loved one is interested in accepting. Results are not guaranteed.

Session Fee Schedule:
$77 – Distance Healing

Vibrational Healing – In Person Session

Sara Vogel utilizes Sound, Reiki and other energy frequencies to customize unique sessions for each client’s maximum healing potential.  Through toning, song and other tools, Sara delivers deep relaxation and stress relief by working through energetic blocks deeply stored in the body. Clients often report feeling like they just had a full body massage– “lighter and more optimistic.”

There is minimal or no touch involved, so it is an amazing healing modality for anyone with chronic pain, or anyone with sensory integration issues.

Session Fee Schedule:
First time client: $100
Established client: $85

*In-person sessions are held in Upland, CA

Vibrational Healing – Distance Session

Sara uses the same frequencies mentioned above, but sends them to her clients through the use of Reiki and other energetic distance healing principles.  Distance sessions are especially helpful to anyone homebound or unable to travel great distances for a session.  Remote Reiki is also ideal for those who have sensory issues or prefer not to be touched (i.e., Autism, Fibromyalgia and other conditions that result in sensitivity).  Reiki energy can be directed straight to you by the practitioner’s intent, no matter where you are.  It can be felt immediately; it is not limited by laws of time and space.

Session Fee Schedule:

First time client: $121 (includes distance “Tuneup” within 7 days post-session)
Established client: $99 (includes distance “Tuneup” within 7 days post-session)

Distance “Tuneups,” (established clients only): $55

NEW: Vibrational Healing – Distance Session, Primary + 1 (Two People, 1 Session)

This package was developed to encourage parents to take care of themselves as well as their children. As parents, we tend to back-burner our own health to ensure our kids get everything they need to heal. From personal experience, Sara understands how the healing of a child can be accelerated dramatically by treating both parent and child. Rationally, many parents know this, yet as primary caregivers to young loved ones, the tendency is to keep giving, giving, giving without the necessary self care.

The parent can be primary, with child secondary. Or vice versa. The session is geared toward the primary client, and the +1 is tied into the session and receives customized treatment as well. On a higher level, parent and child are content to know that the other is taken care of.

First-time Clients: $212
Established Clients: $181

Distance Tuneups for each person included, within 7 days post-session.

Also available as Family session. Contact Sara for rates.

Home and/or Personal Clearing

Fee for clearing: ranges between $50 (relatively simple distance fix) to $500 and up (in-person home or office clearing, determined by square footage of the location).  Please email Sara to describe specific issue, and a quote will be provided.

Please email sara (at) saravogel (dot) (com) to arrange a Vibrational Healing Session or Clearing

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