Sorry!!!! I am a Waver on the Open Road

Today I want to talk a little more about compassion and kindness.  My motivation for this was the following Facebook post:

“Dear driver, waving to me doesn’t make you unstupid”

I saw this comment and felt a brief sense of sadness.  The 7 “likes” for the post added to it.  Then, I found the upside; there were only 7 “likes” for this post.

I am Queen of the “wave because I accidentally drove in a manner that may have put you at risk” motion.  I do not perform this motion because I want to appear less stupid to a person I don’t even know.  I perform this motion because I acknowledge that you had the right of way, I goofed up, and I am sorry.  In my mind, I am acknowledging that you are a human being, I thank you for not plowing into me, I hope you continue on your way safely to wherever you are going and have a pleasant day, in spite of the fact that I may have scared or irritated you.

In a nutshell, I’m trying to redirect a negative situation by sending positive energy to replace it.  Chances are, the driver referenced above was trying to do the same.  Sadly, the message was not received by my friend.  I still love this friend and wish her well on her path.

Today I end by extending a challenge.  I try to brighten the days of others, and by doing so, I find I brighten my own.  I do my best to treat people with compassion and if an apology is offered, I accept it.  Do you do this?  If not, can you give it a try? You might be impressed with the results.

The number of people who cut me off without waving is fairly high.  Most people are so caught up in their busy, busy lives that the effort it seems to require to throw a wave at someone is too great.  God bless them.  But if someone actually extends their arm in some sort of human acknowledgment, I have to say, it really makes my day just a little bit better.  Thank you, Wavers on the Open Road!

PS, if it was a wave so they could break in between you and the car ahead of you, for Pete’s sake, just let him/her in.  Chances are you will be rewarded the next time you try to do the same.


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