Life is just filled with weird little coincidences, and I really, really enjoy them! I have reflected a lot on how much easier my life has become now that I go with the flow (for me), listen to my gut, and allow myself to be led in directions that ultimately allow my family and me to live our lives to the fullest.

The most recent guidance I received was to attend a yoga class at Innerworks Wellness Center, one of my favorite spots for Kundalini yoga. There are many great teachers there, but my gut told me to go Wednesday to Nirbhe’s class. I normally go to Patty’s class on Tuesday or Thursday, but felt there was a reason for going Wednesday instead.

I was one of two students in the class. In Nirbhe’s 20 years of teaching yoga, she said it was the first time she had taught this particular set. This did not surprise me. The set was for me, and this was perhaps the third time I’d ever attended one of her classes in the many years I’ve gone to yoga at Innerworks.

Nirbhe led us through a Kundalini set for lungs and circulation. At one point during a very simple exercise of backward arm circles, I had my “aha!” moment. I was almost paralyzed trying to do it, and I felt like I was suffocating. She noticed something was not quite right, and asked me if I had shoulder issues. I explained to her that I had no shoulder problem, clearly the set was for me, because I had a serious energetic block that was making it extremely difficult to breathe. Circling my arms in a forward motion had no such effect.

After yoga class, Nirbe and I chatted for a bit, and she mentioned the website, the go to spot for everything Kundalini yoga. I had visited it before, but hadn’t known about the numerology ap where I could punch in my birthdate and get a read on myself, and which mantras and yoga sets would be of most benefit to me. When I got home, I punched in my stats to learn all about myself 🙂. When I reached the bottom of the long list of info, there it was. Of the thousands of different Kundalini yoga sets, the one we had done in class was one of 3 listed for me. Helps with finding the Joy in life. Oh how I laughed! I wasn’t surprised in the least, because this is kind of how my life has been going. “Coincidences” happen a lot. But it was sure a great laugh, warmed my heart, and made my day.

You might wonder, “so, you have been doing this yoga set every day, right?” Well, no. I am human, a procrastinator at heart, and not too motivated to exercise. But I will. Soon. Maybe. You can lead a horse to water…

A set of books I recommend to uplift your spirit and guide you to experience the synchronicities of life are James Redfield’s Celestine Prophecy books. There are four of them. I initially read the first three 20 years or so ago. I reread them recently and am enjoying a lot of “aha!” moments (fortunately, not all involve feelings of suffocation). I am currently reading the fourth book that came out in 2012. I call this set a “must read” for anyone on a spiritual path. They make you feel awesome!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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