Root Causes of Illness — Not Always Physical

I have recently spoken to several parents of chronically ill children.  Although their children suffer from different physical ailments, I have noticed a commonality between the cases.  Once I see a trend, I try to bring it to others’ attention in hopes of shedding light on difficult situations.

I am always so happy when I hear that parents are looking into biomedical intervention for chronic illnesses.  “Biomedical” is an approach where doctors attempt to treat root causes of illnesses instead of addressing the symptoms only.  The result is often that by removing the root cause, the symptoms go away, and no more treatment is necessary.

The treatment of root causes can be through use of pharmaceuticals, such as Diflucan for systemic yeast infections.  For example, a yeast infection was in part the cause of “crazy brain” in our son who was on the Autism Spectrum.  By using a biomedical approach, we treated one cause of his hyperactivity with a drug, and then the hyperactivity greatly subsided.  By addressing the yeast infection, one of the root causes of the hyperactive behavior was effectively stopped in its tracks.  We were able to help our son gain control of himself, and achieve a higher level of health for him in the process.  We were able to avoid ADHD meds, which would have only treated the hyperactive symptoms, and his systemic yeast infection would have remained unaddressed.

Biomedical intervention can also mean intervention with nutrition and supplementation.  For example, we treated our son’s yeast infection for over a year with a natural probiotic supplement.  In his case, although we tried to go the natural route, it didn’t work.  Perhaps a different supplement might have worked, but I got fed up and asked the doctor to “nuke him” with a drug.  It wasn’t necessarily the way we wanted to do it, but it was effective.

Biomedical intervention can also be homeopathic remedies, acupuncture, chiropractic, or other healing modalities not normally used by the mainstream medical establishment.  In my family we have used supplementation, homeopathics, chiropractic, cold laser, elimination diets, organic/non GMO diets, clay baths, and then some.  All of these treatments helped us get closer to recovery for our son.  But then we got stuck at some plateaus where he could not be budged.

This is where I find the common thread I’ve been hearing lately from mothers around the globe. “I have had my child on ‘insert name of’ therapy for a year, and we haven’t seen a change.” Two types of situations come to mind, such as parasite cleanses and heavy metal detoxing.  When you think about it, really, how many parasites or heavy metals can a little body hold?

When you are at a point where you are asking that question, it is time to consider that there could be a root cause for the “root cause.”  Even if you find the physical root cause of a particular physical issue/symptom, I’d like you to consider the possibility that there could be a different “root cause” that biomedical intervention doesn’t necessarily treat.  The new “root cause” I’m referring to is spiritual or emotional in nature.

I would like to quote from Louise Hay regarding parasites.  Ms. Hay has an awesome iPhone ap that lists probable emotional and/or spiritual causes of physical ailments.  Her “Heal your Body A-Z” ap lists parasites as probable cause of “giving power to others, letting them take over.”   Louise Hay lists positive thought patterns to go with the problem that one can use for a mantra. This can be very effective in helping to eliminate emotional or spiritual causes.  In the case of parasites, the new thought pattern is “I lovingly take back my power and eliminate all interference.”

What do you do with a child who has a seemingly unending stream of parasites coursing through his/her body?  Do you have a 3 year-old recite mantras that they don’t even understand?  This may not be the most effective route to go.  This is when you consider other esoteric healing modalities such as Reiki, Vibrational Healing, or Dowsing (all of which are services I provide.)

We have children we are trying to heal biomedically.  I know an army of parents in various stages of recovering their children.  For some, it seems “not so difficult,” for others, it makes them feel like “I’m doing the same thing she is.  Our kids have the same diagnosis!  Why is her child recovering, and why can’t my child be one of the kids who recovers?!?!?!?!”  If you are saying this, it’s time to look for a root cause to the root cause.

Looking at parasites, for example, if we go with what Louise Hay says, we see that our children are feeling a lack of power.  So, in the work I might do for this type of case, I would work to restore the child’s power center.  A person’s power center is in the 3rd chakra, solar plexus.  Yes, I said “chakra.”  By healing the emotional/spiritual issues behind the physical issues, then the physical issues can heal much more quickly.

Feel free to look around my website, read blogs, get a feel for what I do.  If what I say doesn’t resonate with you, that’s fine.  If you have questions, I am happy to point you to other resources as best I can.  I have a team of healers I work with in the Southern California area that are ready to help you on your healing journey.  Some of them do distance work like I do, so don’t feel your location limits you.

God bless you, and have a beautiful day!




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