All Bets are Off When…


My back went out this week.  The level of pain reached 10 on a 10 point scale.  It is so hard to be kind when I feel like this.  All bets are pretty much off as far as keeping a kind, compassionate point of view.  I actually warn my kids that they need to stop bickering, or do it where I cannot hear it, or else they will unleash a load of crazy no one wants to experience.

I am blessed in the sense that I know this back pain is a blip.  I used to have chronic pain, now I just have flare ups on rare occasion.  My pain will pass.  However, I am reminded now with these flare ups how absolutely debilitating and destructive they are.  Chronic pain has the capacity to make a monster out of someone who is normally pretty decent.  My parting thought for today is if a loved one in pain lashes out, try not take it personally.  I do not suggest that you become a pounding board.  I’m just suggesting that instead of engaging in an argument that neither of you wants, you send your loved one thoughts of compassion as you quickly leave the room.

In a future blog I will touch on some non-mainstream ways I went about avoiding the recommended L4-L5 spinal fusion.

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